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Elise Gaul Counseling

  • A Healthy Mind offers amazing possibilities:

    • Lower anxiety and stress
    • Resilience
    • Better attention and focus
    • Managing moods without feeling stuck
    • Feeling motivated and inspired
    • Keeping a sense of balance and well-being
    • Being connected to others
    • Having a sense of purpose



Anxiety, Stress, & Trauma

Anxiety, Stress, & Trauma

Anxiety and stress are an epidemic in our culture. It is no longer about having a “mental illness” as having a problem with anxiety has become so normalized. People are suffering a lot more than necessary. There are many good reasons to seek out a professional for anxiety and stress. Learn More →

Grief, Loss, & Transitions

Grief, Loss, & Transitions

After a significant loss, our world has forever changed. Grief can impact us internally on many levels—emotionally, cognitively, spiritually, physically. We also find that there are external changes to cope with as well, such as relationships, roles, social status, and plans for the future.

Coping with Illness

Coping with Illness

In our culture, we often get the message to “fight,” “be strong,” and “stay positive” when it comes to illness. Many people who first come to my office are living in fear of letting down their guard and have additional stress and pain as a result. This kind of stress can actually have a negative impact on healing and illness prevention.

Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling

Healthy relationships are absolutely essential to well-being. Most of us keep trying to get it right no matter how difficult or painful. Unfortunately, myths abound about how relationships should just work without effort. Too often, intimate relationships are neglected while we are swept up in being busy or worried. External pressures and needs sometimes hijack our attention away from personal relationships.

About My Approach

About My Approach

A healthy mind is the best predictor of a happy life. My practice and approach to supporting you in developing a healthy mind uses evidence-based techniques, while still emphasizing your unique needs and experience. Our work together will emphasize practices that maintain a healthy mind, crucial for a sense of well-being and happiness.

LPC Supervision

LPC Supervision

I am an experienced supervisor and love to help clinicians gain their LPC. I strive to make a strong connection with supervisees to make the relationship as rewarding as possible. In supervision, I provide concrete tools for helping clients. I share my own materials as well as those I have accumulated through my own research and training.



Carrie Miluski, MS, CT

Former Executive Director / Peter’s Place, A Center for Grieving Children

Elise's unique practice is informed by many years of compassionate and professional work in the areas of death, dying and bereavement.

Amy Shimborski

Volunteer / Camp Erin

Elise has such a quiet calming way of handling situations and making one feel at ease and comfortable when situations would arise.

Andrea Maclean

Elise’s calming presence and gentle approach create a safe environment that enables self-reflection and promotes healing.

Anthony Morelli, MSS, LSW, CT

Director of Off-Site Programs / Peter’s Place

Elise's capacity for authentic presence and sincere listening create the safety and security necessary for therapeutic growth.



Elise is a wonderfully kind and gentle soul, working tirelessly to create and continually foster an environment of safety and support.

Denise M. Paul MA, CT, CPLC

Group Specialist / Peter’s Place

Elise's Healthy Mind approach, integrating various disciplines, makes her a pioneer in the field of grief and mood disorders.

Valen Brozey

Family Therapist

Elise exhibits a steady character, providing comfort and security in a way that demonstrates great respect for other's concerns.

John O’Locke

Volunteer / Camp Erin

Elise's dedication, expertise and commitment is always consistent, as is her approachable, gracious and good natured disposition.

Tom Sexton

Volunteer / Camp Erin

Elise's awareness, sense of humor, strong spirit, excellent judgment and maturity bring out the best in those around her.

Amy Schiowitz, MS

Elise uses a Healthy Mind approach that has been beneficial in helping me both understand and treat my clients.

Stephanie Iannucci, MS, LPC

Licensed Behavioral Consultant & Mobile Therapist

Elise has a natural ability to transfer to her supervisee, evidenced-based skills and education that she has acquired over her years in practice.