Fees and Payment Options

Why I do not accept Insurance.

I no longer accept insurance for a number of reasons. One reason is that the process of managed care submissions and reimbursement is complicated and lengthy.  I also am not always comfortable with the exchange of private information required by insurers. This information can become part of your permanent medical records and can be used when you are applying for disability or life insurance.

Without having to deal with insurance companies, I have much more time to devote to my clients outside of sessions as needed to be more responsive and to provide more individualize treatment.

I can provide receipts for anyone wishing to seek reimbursement as I am a qualified out-of-network provider in most cases.


Regular therapy sessions are about 45-50 min. Session fees are $150.  Note: some clients pay less due to financial considerations (sliding scale).

Longer sessions are available if needed and appropriate and we can determine fees based on length of the session.

I accept cash or check, (either is preferred) or VISA, Master Card, Pay Pal. You can also use a health savings account if you have one through your employer.

I have a 48 hour cancellation policy except in cases of emergency.